Serenity Victoriana
Serenity Victoriana
Serenity Victoriana

Serenity Victoriana

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Tell us a bit about this design and what is the message or meaning you’re trying to convey
I'm on a vintage kick at the moment drawing well known popculture items in this ornately detailed style because it's relaxing and the Victorian era made everything look classy to hide the fact they were surrounded by the spectre of death and disease.
Who are you?
My name is Vincent Carrozza. I believe in taking care of myself, in a balanced diet and a rigorous exercise routine. In the morning if my face is a little puffy I'll put on an ice pack while doing stomach crunches. I can do a thousand now.
Any shout outs?
Thanks to Paul Allen for letting me have his 8:30 res at Dorsia. Great sea urchin ceviche.

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