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From the Artist

Tell us a bit about this design and the message or meaning you're trying to convey.
I have fond memories of eating breakfast foods, specifically bacon and eggs, Thursday evening comedy tv shows and some not-so-fond memories of stepping on those darn Scandinavian interlocking blocks as a kid (Who would have thought that little yellow mini-figures would hurt so bad?!) I felt inspired to bring the the three together in one unholy trinity of bacony-blocky-mustachioed goodness! I think it's a winning combination.
Who are you?
I'm Justin Peterson, writer and artist of my creator owned graphic novel series VERY NEAR MINT. It's a comic... about a comic shop. Very meta! I'm also a muralist for Tijuana Flats, a tex-mex restaurant chain based out of Orlando. I get to paint crazy stuff on walls, like zombies or giant robots destroying stuff, it's fun! I've also done work for MAD magazine and other things you've probably never heard of.
Any shout outs?
Market Street Cafe in Celebration, FL. It has some of the best breakfast food around. Do yourself a favor and order the french toast... it'll change your life.