Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick

Pickle Rick

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Tell us a bit about this design and what is the message or meaning you're trying to convey.
Pickle Rick Sanchez Shirt Pocket Tee. I'm Pickle Rick! "I turned myself into a pickle Morty! BOOM big reveal. What do you think of that? I turned myself into a pickle! I'm Pickle Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!"
Who are you?
Driven by nostalgia for all things oldschool, Retro Review design shirts for their retro gaming fans who like to take it to 88mph and relive the past. Their designs are inspired by many of the games and films of yesteryear we all grew up on and loved
Any shout outs?
I want to give a shout out to my family who always encouraged my creativity to design. I also want to say thanks to my fans on the Retro Review Facebook page. We recently hit 23k on there with a social media reach of over 300k worldwide! Thanks Guys!

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