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I'm a NERD and PROUD of it! I own about 20 shirts from this site and if I could find time i would create and submit some of my own art... I love most things Nerdy-Fantasy-Clever including Firefly, Star Wars, The WALKING DEAD, Books, VIDEO games, Some Comics-Deadpool!, ANIME, Art in most any form.... Ect Ect... I am a jack of all trades and easily surprise those who judge me because I can flow in and out of most groups. I'm the Brazilian at the Irish Pub downtown in a mini dress, high heels and diamond earrings. I'll suddenly makes your mouth fall open when you offer to buy me drink and I say give me a Jameson Whiskey and while I'm out drinking you I'm talking about Nerdy awesomeness you'll realize why I'm so Badass... And yet I'm always Single :(

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