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I like Robots I like Paintballing, Videogames like Megaman, Final Fantasy, DDR(heavy), Metroid, Mario RPG, The Legend of Zelda, Silent Hill, Puzzles, HALO and Metal Gear Solid. Internet, Movies, anime and art are my hobbies. I a wonderful Job and I'm super happy! I JUST WANT TO FIND AND HANG OUT WITH DIFFERENT PEOPLE, with the same interests of course. I love Nintendo games and I like to lisent to Video game and Japanese music. I like kendo. One of my favorite things to do is good dinning! Favorite food is sushi and Mocchis. I'm a jewelry designer and I'm a very creative person, who imagination is always flying. I like gummy worms, cookies, cats, guinea pigs, videogames, robots, beef jerky, sandwiches, winter, rainy gray days with green grass and green trees, ice cream, burgers, hotdogs, pasta, A lunch, B lunch, C lunch, curry rice, spagettie and raspberries. I DONT LIKE negative people, someone who says they cant before they even try. the smell of old trash, wet sleeves after washing dishes, someone who backstabs me, someone who envys others. I consider myself a pirate. I love to do my own thing and be free! There is nothing better than the freedom of a pirate.

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