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Greetings. Right, where do I start? I'm just going to reel off all that I do and hope I don't run out of room. I am a musician and artist from Northampton, UK. I also work as an freelance audio designer for websites and on-line videos. I am also in several different bands around Northampton. One of which (The Retro Spankees) I have been playing with for over 8 years. We are also the backing band for comic book legend Alan Moore. As well as all of this, I also work as a live sound technician and bar man for a local pub. With all of this going on I still (some how) find time to do my art. I have had some of my artwork shown in the Northampton gallery, The Fishmarket Arts Gallery. I hope one day to just be able to do my music and art. That's the dream right?

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