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Mike Dodd is the guy who always said video games could be turned into a profession and eventually it turned out he was right. Mike is a passionate nerd about all facets of nerd culture from the love of the BBC’s Doctor Who to the very latest in the fight game scene, he’s on to it and likely turned into his new obsession. Dodd was raised to love all things that were pop culture from viewing his first horror movie at five years old to owning one of the first Nintendos in North America, it’s been a childhood dominated by the controller and movie screens and he couldn’t be happier. Roleplaying games such as Dungeons and Dragons dominated the high school years and unhealthy doses of Japanese anime were frequent as he completed his education and took sometime off to explore Canada and the US. However as all good times must come to an end, a decision was made to get some experience and do something fun and learn something and meant getting involved in the media. Mike volunteered with Rogers Television and became the audio/technical director for several successful programs and decided that he should further that experience by going to college. 4 years and several massive headaches later, Mike became known as “The Birdman” of This week in Geek but that is a story for another website….

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