I like... Hacking my Computer, Hacking your Computer, Green Chile, Red Chile, Chicken mole or adobo, Guiness Draft, Extra Carb Beers, Chronic, Schwagg, Pink Bunnies if im in the Philippines, Pink hammers if im in New Mexico, the number 8, G-strings, handcuffs...if your old enough, Chokers on girls, especially Asian ones....phat joints, clear eyes, Mary Jane, Jose Cuervo, Garduno's Margaritas, double shots, SeX on bathroom sinks, SeX on the floor, SeX with clothes on. Sheer lingerie while wearing a black choker, loose fitting hats, bbq's in the backyard, Siberian Huskies, the Internet, people that know what 2600 means, people that know what 420 means, people that know how to get wasted or even obilterated drunk and can still talk about quatom physics or any kind of intricate complex concept. Blockbuster nights, Comcast on Demand nights, Double-Click DivX nights, and Salsa nights. Long Island Ice Tea's, Tokoyo Tea's, cold ice water, A-1 steak sauce, Pico Pica hot sauce, Taco Cabana at 3am, Village Inn at 3am, Fronteir at 3am.

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