TV SHOWS I LOVE: the office, modern family, community, true blood , dexter, how i met your mother, fringe, psych, glee, the soup, project runaway. and...BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER MOVIES I LOVE: star wars, pulp fiction, lost in translation, rocky horror picture show, back to the future, shawshank redemption, toy story(1,2,3), inception, harry potter series, zoolander, anchorman, some kind of wonderful, juno. THINGS I LOVE: my dogs, the internet, Ctfxc, Philly D, bacon, in n out burger, moustaches, ice cream, cute toys, online shopping, alexander skarsgard, the girl with the dragon tattoo trilogy, road trips, peace and quiet, awesome teachers, money, nice people, cardigans, the smiths, florence and the machine, my ipod, watching movies, cool celebs, high maintenance award shows, people who make fun of themselves. THINGS I HATE: greedy, selfish, and mean people, the remake of karate kid, will smith and his family, people who embarass others, emo people, silly bands, "i love boobies" bracelets , people who dont pay attention and get in trouble, kids at my school, social networking sites, not knowing anyone at classes, being late, bandwagoners, twilight saga, bad acting, highly confident people, almost getting run over, awkward silences, bad spelling.

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