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behind every beautiful thing there's been some kind of pain. -bob dylan ॐ high! my name is britt. you can call me mama cherry. i married a music man. i have the cutest son you will ever see. i am a earth-roamer. i am a expert dumpster diver. i have mad love for thrifting. i hate the terms "ink" and "tatts" referring to tattoos. i have art for sale at reinvent in auburn - go buy it. :) tim burton handed me a sticker one time, no really. i lurve me some zombies. i am artistically inclined. addicted to sbux - tall salted caramel hot chocolate plz. i live in opelika, alabama. i don't drink pop. i became a vegetarian in early 2007. i think uppercase letters are aesthetically unfortunate. i like magnificent beards. chai lattes for me please - wine would be good too. i enjoy doing the "time warp" in the car. i have 1" lobes, they used to be 1-1/8". ♥

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