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Where are you from? I live in a little city with a lot of rain, called Osnabrück, in Germany. What do you want TeeFury fans to know about you? I like noodles. What do you absolutely not want them to find out? When I’m feeling alone I start singing electronic beats and speak like a babbling baby. Name a few of your favorite things. Oh man, I love a lot. Music, friends and dancing in the sun to name a few. Yeah and I love love. What kind of art did you make as a kid? I did a lot of experiments with all kinds of techniques and I think I’m still this kid. But most of it all I loved to draw cartoon stuff. For example I was really into drawing The Turtles. My fav was Donatello I guess. What is your favorite thing about turtles? Hahaha what a question. I guess my favorite stuff about turtles are their ninja skillz ;) Thunder vs. lightning: which would win the battle? They won't fight. They love each other! Describe your favorite shirt that you own, and why you like it so much. I love black shirts, cause they are slimming but I dont have a favorite one. But I really dig the shirt designs of cuypi, dxtr and stick-a-thing. Which is better, gaming, reading, or watching movies? Name your favorite title in your chosen medium. You can't ask which is better, everything is awesome in its own way ;) But for me, I prefer reading and watching series. At the moment I‘m having a big crush on Hermann Hesse and Breaking Bad. What inspires your work? A word, a picture, a sound, some emotions, my childhood, friends, family, the night, the day. Just everything. Any shout outs? Follow your guts. Your brain‘s a bitch ;)

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