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*Interests: Art(duh),Reading, Comics, SOME Anime,Occult, Psychology, Mythology, Theology, Paranormal, History.
*Favourite Movie: Avatar, Clerks, EvilDead, Drag Me to Hell, House on the Haunted Hill, KillBill, CreepShow.
*Favourite Band or Musician: Yeah yeah yeahs, The White Stripes, Cellweller, Perfect Circle, Ferry Corsten, VNV Nation
*Favourite Artist: Adam Hughes, Joseph Michael Linsner, Terry Dodson, Luis Royo, Terry Moore, Blair Weakland(Azrithae)
*Favourite Poet or Writer: LKH, Charlaine Harris, R.A.Salvador, Terry Moore, John J. Coughlin.
*Favourite Game: Shiaya,Baldur's Gate, Champ. of Norrath, Tomb Raider, Blood Rayne, & Final Fantasy VIII & X

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