International Juried Gay Artist.... Growing up in East Tennessee you find things to keep you busy. "Poverty is the father of ingenuity". My earliest memories were drawing and painting. I am a natural fauvist in style. My painting technique is considered glazing, very much the appearance of fine painted china in hand. My acrylics are inspired by the Italian Renaissance Icons in technique. My oils are 7 layered and inspired by the tutelage of Mr. Boris Vallejo an Internationally known Peruvian painter. I aspired as child to be a Hallmark card artist and fervently studied their painting techniques. I practiced day in and day out. Painting became my escape. I won in all contests entered at grade and high school level. My dream was to attend Pratt, but finances dictated I work as a brush artist for the paper bag industry, and then as a fabric pattern designer. At that time, the only example of art/work available in my area. The pay was barely above minimum wage and it became difficult for me to pick up a brush for enjoyment. Wanderlust set in and off to the Air Force I went. I spent everyday I could in Europe traveling the museums and hanging with other artists when off duty, gleaming all the tips and techniques I could from them. I have since studied the Master's and their techniques extensively. Modern Masters include, the Wyeth's and Boris Vallejo. I am formally educated, and intrigued with the very nature of life itself. I play in many pure forms of medium in paint. I am currently studying Oils on flat board and prepared paper, with a textural component, a step wise procedure to maintain my original artistic style. I hope to also offer small drawings done in classical method as time permits. "Good, better, best, never never rest, till your good is better, and your better is best" A quote over the gym lockers in grade school still motivates me today. My studies are Approx 20+ hours and many layers of color illuminate from my work on visualization. Often an unexpected hue will excite the eye, hopefully, I show passion with paint. I will continue to refine my approach and that is in fact what will become available here. My work is completely traditional without digital processing or aides. I sell ALL originals on eBay exclusively, and have sold every painting listed to date. I have been painting full time 36 mths now. As a hobby, I try to enter at least one juried competition a month, many of which are International, and have placed top three many times. These awards are posted on the blog that accompanies each painting. I have been featured in many articles and publications online. "Art of the Day" on both ebsq and deviantArt as recently as 11/20/2008. I was also recently juried into EBSQ plus, or juried as it is now called. James Michael McCracken's Facebook profile

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