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Hello everyone. I'm ScribbleWorx...*gulp* and I'm a Design-a-holic.

“Hi Design-a-holic", exclaimed the kittens while they vomit rainbows.

It all started when I got my first coloring book. That’s when I realize crayons aren’t just a quick snack but something that can make an ordinary piece of paper into a work of art. But I was an artist (insert English accent)… so I refused that ordinary piece of paper and moved to bigger and better things. Even though my parents did not really agree with my art work on their walls, floor, bathroom… I continued my pursuit of art.

In high school I met Adobe… he was my English teacher. During class he thought us how to Copy & Paste existing book reports from the internet to our Word doc. But after class he showed us how to use Photoshop to make animated dancing hamster to put on our Geocities. Aaww dancing hamsters… the memories we shared together.

After that… the rest is history. If art is a piece of pie…then my life would be a huge 3.14. Hello I’m ScribbleWorx.

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