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My name is Liviu Matei (aka eZ-kun) and I like things. Things like drawing, like creating an image from nothing, like thinking about ways in which I can express an idea/feeling of mine in a graphic manner. You could say I'm an artist. I don't consider myself one, but more of a man training to become an artist. I like a lot creating conceptual artwork, I think I am more of an illustrator than anything else - but I am also quite versatile and my work is a series of experiments with ways of rendering images and switching between styles. I do work as a freelance designer, I'll do anything from apparel and web design to gig posters and disc covers. I like doing it because this way I have the chance to meet great people and deliver quality artwork to such people. If you need any work done, don't hesitate to contact me (liviu(at) or check out my work at

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