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Adam Kemp is a Ramblin' Web Developer Graduate, and he hails from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. The city where there's nothing to do. Recently in 2010; Adam moved to Port Credit, Ontario (The Village on the Lake located in Mississauga).

Adam has been involved with Graphic Design since May of 2002, and has been a freelancer for the last four years. Adam graduated from the Web Developer Program at Sir Sandford Fleming in 2010.

World on Mute Designs originated from a group of friends that was gathering to make a movie about Adam and his hearing impaired disability. He loved the name so much that he wanted to use it for his own personal/business use. Sadly the movie hasn't been made yet, but perhaps in the future it will be.


Adam has always been interested in arts, ever since he was a wee little lad always coloring inside the lines. Adam's dream one day is to design movie posters for incredibly awesome movies that actually make it to the theatres instead straight to DVDs. Sorry, Jean-Claude Van Damme! In all seriousness, Adam has been interested in arts because of the movies, and always loved collecting movie posters over the years. But nonetheless; Adam loves art, all kind of art from the clean to the wacky style.

If you really want to know more about Adam, here's a little short paragraph to sum it all up. His favorite movie is Dr. Strangelove; or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb, his favorite band is The Novaks, his favorite food is Sushi, his favorite NHL team is the Washington Captials, and his favorite television show is Taxi (yes the one with Andy Kaufman.) Visit

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