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update::: proud second place winner of the Teefury 2nd brithday mystery prize competition 21st july, run by fuzzylogic (most wicked selfless,tattoo covered person around,) june/july 2010.the ride was cool.thanks everyone. well im still just me,i like to buy tee's but i dont wear them im a bit of a freak when it comes to things like that i just collect them and put them in special see through boxes so i can look at them,i no freak i already told you that,lol i live in a small village in wales in the uk and therefore have no social life at all and so i come on here and write lots of stuff some interesting and some not but i think i make people smile occasionally and thats whats anyway thats me. i also feel i have been around for a while and met new peeps and maybe should finish the about me details, i am the proud mum of 5 wonderfull kids,19,16,13,10,3 yrs, 4 boys 1 girl,yes that makes me old,lol im actually 39 so older than many but never too old to enjoy art,tee shirts and good company. my 10yr old is autistic which makes life particularly difficult much of the time ,this is why comming here and having a group of friends is so special i love it, it is a escape from reality. so thanks all for making this place so special,

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