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The right half of my brain has always been firmly in control. My theory about work is that they can have my body but not my mind, and I usually devote just enough mental attention to work as per required to not maiming myself (I'm a groundsman for a tree company).

It's mostly the men in my family that are the artists and dreamers. My Grandfather was one of the founding fathers of the famous artist school back in the 1948 along with the likes of Normal Rockwell and many other luminary artists of the era. He himself was a brilliant artist and could amaze me with nothing more than a number 2 pencil. His greatest artistic advice to me during my adolescent scribbling period was:

1. If you are going to draw a straight line look at the point where you want to end it, not where you are going.

2. If you want to see the true colors of something, squint at it.

I'm working hard at graphic design. Specifically, I would like to design t-shirts all day. I have recently invested in a wacom tablet, and I am starting to learn Corel Painter, which is fun but tricky. Also I have decided to go take a few classes on design at the college up the road. Hopefully I'll someday soon know the taste of design victory!

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