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AdamBomb is a strict vegetarian. AdamBomb is an avid pro-wrestling fan. AdamBomb can't stand MMA. AdamBomb hates insects, especially ones that fly. AdamBomb thinks that arachnids... they're okay. AdamBomb doesn't dig slow walkers, or drivers. AdamBomb enjoys Kool-Aid. AdamBomb loves tattoos, and tattoo culture. AdamBomb REALLY likes tattooed women. AdamBomb knows both Wayne's World movies by heart. AdamBomb likes a good show. AdamBomb loves punk rock with a passion. AdamBomb stole this idea from Matt Hardy. AdamBomb likes a beer amongst friends. AdamBomb detests waiting for mail. AdamBomb would love to have mind-control. AdamBomb doesn't like guns. AdamBomb loathes Greyhound buses. AdamBomb doesn't like heights... at all. AdamBomb is a Suicide Girls member. AdamBomb posts on many internet forums. AdamBomb is a proud nerd. AdamBomb loves comic books - especially Spider-Man. AdamBomb thinks Batman is a spoiled little rich doof. AdamBomb is an avid Predator fan. AdamBomb is a HUGE Ninja Turtles fan. AdamBomb has poor penmenship. AdamBomb is very protective of his beard. AdamBomb hates cursive writing. AdamBomb hates calling people. AdamBomb coincidentally, doesn't like being alone. AdamBomb likes to blog. AdamBomb is an ass and thigh kinda guy. AdamBomb never liked Nirvana too much. AdamBomb hates classic rock.

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