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I'm Laurissa, hands down the coolest girl you'll ever meet.
you will not forget me
I'm 21, sittin' pretty in this beautiful city of Phoenix, AZ.
living && loving
I've got the world's greatest boyfriend
he's definitely my better half
I'm an artist, I'm a fan, a musician, a gamer,
I'm talent, I'm reason, I'm real.
I'm an entrepreneur, El Aye Designs, I'm a girl who deserves nothing less than the world
& if you tell me I can't, i'll show you quite clearly that I can
My Playstation 3 is my world,
Hit me up: Laurissaaa
I play call of duty modern warfare 2.
"war's first lady" lvl 70, biatch
Football's my game,
Patriots are my team
I can play guitar, been playing for like 6 years,
but please don't ask me to teach you how
I love to paint,
abstract geometric preferred
I love photography, and have recently taken up collecting cameras,
i'm all about lomography
I'm a classic movie buff, especially anything with Vincent Price, Audrey Hepburn or Gregory Peck.
"You ought to be stuffed with nails, you ought!"
I listen to any and all music, from jazz to country, rap to rock, techno to pop, I dig it all,
but for the record, my favorite band is atreyu
If you have any further inquiries, hit me up.

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