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come see me at DeviantArt *hawthorne-cat moira hawthorne Artist | Professional | Varied Canada Im here to please shock & amaze please browse my gallery, sample some of its other delights, good for backaches near-sightedness & lack of memory, will cure foot-rot foot-in-mouth disease & lack of hair growth, has been reported to improve your love-life & increase your stamina! only for a dollar! silly faecat... Im a combat hugger!!! beware the intensity of my ability to ignore personal space feed me coffee and enjoy the random weirdness that I have to offer Im generally friendly yet stressed I function on too much coffee and not enough sleep my muse could correctly be personified as 'a kindergarten playroom full of hyperactive sugar induced 2 year olds... the ideas are buzzing about madly... there are tons of them... the tricky thing is grabin ahold of any one idea long enough to see it to fruition I love BJDs, chibis, naughtyness, and mixing mediums in disregard for manufacturers' recommendation and in hazard to my health - recently Im on a Jareth kick - oh and Im completely Aodhpwnd Current Residence: a desk behind a couch Sizing preference: mens L woman XL Print preference: whatever Favourite genre of music: Folk - Rock - Alternative - Metal Favourite style of art: jill of all arts Operating System: too little sleep too much stress - coffee chocolate and booze Shell of choice: Abalone Wallpaper of choice: I would rather paint Skin of choice: Albinos and Celtic pale! but dark chocolate is sexy too Favourite cartoon character: Aodh Personal Quote: I'd rather live in an imperfect world than die in someones else's idea of a perfect world!

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