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I’m a freelance graphic illustrator/graphic designer currently designing T-shirts,Prints,etc.I'm an Illustration major at Academy of Art University in San Francisco,Ca. I work in all mediums of traditional art and I also do digital art as well. I enjoy graphic design and mixing mediums to create new looks and textures in my traditional art and designs. In my spare time I work on additions to my portfolio and work on a series of books that I'm writing and illustrating. I’m a Geek and a Gamer myself though I’m not sure just when that happened to me. Perhaps I always was but never saw the signs. All though the countless episodes of Star Trek and Doctor Who I sat and watched along side my Dad growing up and every season of X-Files I sat up late to watch should have been a clue. That aside, the ability to sit through every episode of Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z should have been the flashing neon sign that read “Geek”… yet it did not register. Now that I’ve come to the conclusion that being Geeky is in part who I am and that it’s sort of a cool thing I openly embrace it more. Although my X-Files fetish is so ingrained it will never be replaced, I’ve found several new favorites to keep it company like Supernatural,Castle,Chuck, Fringe, The Walking Dead, Dr. Who, Dexter, The Ghost Whisperer, Vampire Diaries, and of course... The Big Bang Theory. I’m not sure anything in the venue of Gaming can ever replace my love for the old side scroll action of Mario and Donkey Kong that was my first love, but my addiction to World of Warcraft has been the proverbial “naughty cabana boy” I’ve been playing with for about five years now… He keeps me least until someone can offer a hotter MMORPG that keeps my attention. I do like playing first-person shooter games and mini-games like Angry Birds,Plants v/s Zombies, and Tetris.

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