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Matt Orsman is a born and bred Kansan, and has been working as a professional cartoonist and designer since 1986. His illustrations have served as key art for events across the country such as Dallas' TEXAS FRIGHTMARE WEEKEND, Kansas City's CON-X, and Los Angeles' VISCERA FILM FESTIVAL. His graphic design has also contributed to the successful completion of three major motion pictures; Transformers, Iron Man, and Get Smart. His work was actually seen ON SCREEN in all three films, and in the case of Get Smart, graced the Key Art too! He is also the producing director of CathARTic Art and Film Events, LLC., a philanthropical organization dedicated to facilitating the development of new venues in the arts and film industry; through Experiential Learning, Hands-on Mentoring, and International Access and Deployment of Emerging Talent, while contributing to local and national charities. In short, he puts on workshops, screenings, forums and art shows based on Film genres such as Horror Films, Westerns, Film Noir and more. He has been proud to have been one of the inaugural artists for the NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD - FIX THE CHAPEL movement, and is thrilled that his work has been a part of its financial success. He wishes that he could have been more hands on with the shows, and hopes to be able to visit the cemetery someday.

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