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The following shirts for sale are completely new; they have never been worn, washed or even unfolded since received from Teefury. They come from a pet-, child- & smoke-free home. They are also kept out of sunlight to avoid fading.

People wanting to trade shirts I have for shirts I want take priority over people simply wanting to buy a shirt from me.

All shirts traded to me must be new, as in never worn nor washed.

ALL shirts both Wanted & For Trade/Sale are sizes Men's Large

Shirts Wanted
Always Sunny
Let's Cook
Mad Man
Slice Of Life Tours

Shirts For Trade/Sale (These are $10 each + $5 shipping.)
(Sold out.)

Shirts I PREFER TO TRADE, but will sell for $25 + $5 shipping
(Sold out.)

My contact email is: pkrfan97 (at) gmail (d0t) com
Please at least include "Teefury" in the email subject (to filter spam & such).

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