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From the North, came a man. A large and quiet man. What drives an individual to seek the Forrest shelter, only to systematically annihilate it? What indeed. Look inside ones own life and the answers are somewhat already revealed within the sub context , often overlooked. Tragically unseen, for the choice of "like". Beer pong photos resound to clicks of Popular Machines From The Future. We are as the apes in truelly understanding the use full things we consistently bring to our planet. Ridlin, Botox and Wal Martvillian WearhouseKKKlubs.... And now we ask, who is Brave Anderson..... just a man with arms , legs, and a lack of an e-mail address. His correspondence through this very site are handled by a rouge Dutch Force hired after the fall of the Deutchmarc. The monies raised from the sales of Mr. Anderson's shirts are pooled with other freethinking lumberjacks to hopefully one day corner the 3x3 market by lobbying Congress that the number 2 is racist.

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All is well from the North.

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