I have always enjoyed sketching and drawing, and have had a great passion for art. I want to contribute my art to our already colorful world. As a self-taught artist, I am constantly working to improve my art. By absorbing the feelings that are aroused by the experiences I encounter. Painting and experimenting with new styles I am striving to create a look all my own. I am a visual artist whose paintings explore issues of race, class, gender and culture in trying to create a dialogue between communities and generations. I do this by presenting imagery representation and stereotypes in order to de-construct, position and experience. Diversity in shape, color, and perspective where the aesthetic eye of the artist engages discussion with human diversity and its existence. It brings the normally invisible into the visible arena. Our character is on display for what it is. It creates a cycle of sharing and experience rather than separateness and isolation. I welcome you to explore these paintings and caution you to look at your own perspective and relation to these issues and the symbols you see in the work. My work is about creating a dialogue with people and encouraging them to question reality with diversity.

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