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My name is Isaac and I started Issie Ishiyama Clothing Label in 2007 and finally, after years of researching and saving, launched eight designs in April of 2010. I wanted to create a brand with great QUALITY and concepts, that looked and felt excellent and that incorporated a motivational message/design for each tee. my passions are communicating new positive ideas, motivating others to go after their dreams, and fashion. So I incorporated all of my passions and gave birth to Issie Ishiyama. Issie is a legendary Japanese monster said to lurk in lake Ikeda that frequently surfaces trying to find her destiny, eating anything in her way. Ishiyama is a Japanese word that means “UNSTOPPABLE”, “stone mountain” or “impenetrable fortress”. Which translate into the philosophy behind my line, which is to inspire people to transcend any and all barriers between them and the life that they dream of. To inspire the people that buy Issie ishiyama to become impenetrable, unconquerable,unstoppable. WE ARE ISSIE ISHIYAMA, THE UNSTOPPABLE MONSTER!

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