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Design is every part of who I am. The way I dress, the way I act, the way I work; all have some kind of subconscious reasoning based on a design I have seen in my life. I never take life too seriously; you have to have fun, and itʼs what I do for fun that influences me to work harder. For 4 years of my life I lived in Paris, France where I took in an entirely new culture. While there I gained a real passion for both photography and design. I feel every design I have made so far has been slightly influenced by my time spent in Paris and I am grateful for it. My dream in life is simple; I want to have fun. I want to wake up in the morning happy to be going to work. I love working in design, especially 3D. My mind spins with the ability to think up an idea on the fly. I have spent countless nights lying in bed awake because my mind won’t let me sleep. I keep a notepad by my bed for any ideas I may have and so far I have filled several. My name is Tyson Junkers, Iʼm a designer with 26 years of influence behind me.

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