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Just a geeky college student so this site is perfect. I can happily find shirts to fulfill my geeky needs.
I've also been inspired to try my hand at creating shirts! Hopefully I can make some designs that will appeal to everyone.

My Wish List: (unfortunately I arrived to the party late)
Need Woman's small. I'll accept either new or used in good condition.
Shirts in bold are wanted more than non bold shirts.
All shirts are links in case you can't remember what they look like.

The Whos                                                 Serial Killer Toolbox
Super Mario Sushi                                  Blue Plate Special
COEXIST                                                   The Ride Aquatic
Galactic Sideshow                                     Q of Glam
Chick Magnet                                          Cool Story Bro
The Eleventh Doctor                              Heath
Snitches Be Crazy                                  Han Shot First
Peach Nouveau                                      Unprocessed Soylent Green
Exterminated                                          Scooby Who
The Doctor has been here                    World of NiCraft
Old Boy                                                     Headphone
Who                                                          MysteryTheater3K
Very Strange Time in My Life                 Valhalla State Park
Troy Story                                                 Gruss Von Krampus
Fang Bangin                                            Destroy All Humans
Clockwork Skeleton                                   Hanburglar
Tragedy and Comedy                             Heart Attack
Choco Puffs                                            It Starts with an Earthquake
The Gallifrey Road                                 Amity Island Boat Hire
Love is a Smoking Gun                             Heavy Metal Beethoven
Till Death Do Us Part                                Respect the Chemistry
Qwitter                                                      Delete
Uh Oh                                                       Twenty O Clock
Pulp Sesame                                             Robots in Disguise
Viral Marketing
Hello LionO
Rock Paper Scissors

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