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i write poetry, i am currently writing my own book, i love action movies and i can't stand mushy chick flicks, i would die without music, i hate people that are younger than you but think that they are better than you, i love all things japanese, i believe in the 5 elements, i am rarely ever without a book in hand, i think lightning is beautiful, i walked into a tree at disney world, if i could i would own a pet tiger cuz they're amazing, sometimes i am very quiet and shy but others i go crazy, i like having fun and don't care what people say when i'm having it, i think running around barefoot in the mud is fun, i am a 2nd degree black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do (THAT IS NOT THE SAME AS KARATE! I CAN NOT KARATE CHOP ANYTHING! THEY ARE FROM TWO DIFFERENT COUNTRIES!), my biggest pet peve is having people say that karate and all other martial arts are the same, i love doing improv acting. truth be told i am actually a very shy person...well unless we meet on a martial arts mat then i'm cool. That is a very basic description of me and if you don't like that then i really don't care. GET OVER IT! i am me and i'm not changing for anyone but myself.

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