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Ninjaink illustrations have been published nationally in Dreamwave and Image comics. He has been featured online at Bam! Kapow!, Topless Robot, World Famous Comics, Comics Alliance, Fandomania, Super Punch, and MTV's Splash Blog, March 11, 2009. He won Comics2Film's Best Illustrator of 2005 award and was voted by C2F as Best Illustrator of 2006 and Best Traditional Artist. Prior to the release of "Transformers" in 2007, he was selected to do illustrations for the Transformers newsletter. His most recent publication was in the Street Fighter Tribute Art Book (ISBN 1897376987). His recent work will also be published in the 2011 Mega Man Tribute Art Book. More audiologically related, his logo was voted by staff and students to be used for Phonak University, 2009, including all shirts, handouts, and PowerPoint presentations. He received a $250 award. On his free time he likes to travel and hunt ghosts, or try new things like beating little kids at trivia, taking guinea pigs for a walk, or eating till he explodes.

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