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Oregon Famous

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From the Artist

Tell us a bit about this design and what is the message or meaning you're trying to convey.
I'm a proud Oregonian. It's home to wilderness, adventure, and mystery. You can't go ten steps without running into a breath of fresh air! Or a supernatural woodland critter. This shirt pays homage to that mystery. Can YOU decode the hidden messages?
Who are you?
I'm a 21-year-old Digital Arts and Theater student at the University of Oregon. That school is exactly like you'd expect. We're all hipsters and lumberjacks drinking craft beer made from huckleberries and living in log cabins with our pet beavers.
Any shout outs?
Shout out to my main man Sasquatch! Keep on hiding, guy! They haven't found you yet. Say what's up to Nessie for me.

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