Mt. Awesome
by Captain Ribman 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Mar.10
$ $20.00
Mt. Awesome
Mt. Awesome
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Captain Ribman
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  • February 2015

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Aja Abbas 8 months ago
I wish there was a poster of this....
sia42 12 months ago
What's with the bait and switch? Isn't that illegal advertising? It says $11, then you click the ad, and here its $18
chriskawagiwa 12 months ago
Sorry about that-- that was an error on our part. No typo, with no switch intended.
krashnbrn 12 months ago
Hey TeeFury, how about honoring th 11 dollar posted price. Loyal customers not fond of the bait and switch.
chriskawagiwa 12 months ago
Sorry about that, a typo on my part.
Maryanne Hamill 12 months ago
Got this t-shirt for my husband. It's awesome!!! We loved all the little details that you put on it.
lexanddana More than 1 year ago
Would it really kill you to honour that $11 price you advertised this at earlier today TF? 24 hours would be fair...Thanks!
JenHorace More than 1 year ago
The link on the main page says this T is $11.  After clicking on the link I now see that it's $18.  Not cool, TF.  Not cool at all.
LVCarolyn More than 1 year ago
I would have ordered this tee, however, on the email alert the price states $11 for this shirt (this shirt is being highlighted and is not part of the "gallery" shirts) and when I click on it, the price changes to $18. Sorry, TeeFury, but that's too much of a sneaky price hike for me!
Lacerda1986 More than 1 year ago
Pretty awesome indeed. Would only be awesomer featuring Tasha, Zoe, Starbuck and Leya. Pretty please?
Dave Blackmon More than 1 year ago
Nice shirt, I LOVE the concept.... I'm looking forward to seeing more from this artist. I'm so glad Mal is on there. 
thunderwebs More than 1 year ago
So close, just not a Battlestar fan.  Replace that with Buck Rogers and I'd be cool with it.  Oh well.