Mt. Awesome
by Captain Ribman
Estimated Domestic delivery on Sep.07
$ $20.00
Mt. Awesome
Mt. Awesome
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Captain Ribman
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Robbie Koble 9 months ago
So, the orginal BSG?
Trey Narr 10 months ago
I'd get this in a heartbeat if it were Lorne Greene instead of Olmos.
Aja Abbas More than 1 year ago
I wish there was a poster of this....
sia42 More than 1 year ago
What's with the bait and switch? Isn't that illegal advertising? It says $11, then you click the ad, and here its $18
chriskawagiwa More than 1 year ago
Sorry about that-- that was an error on our part. No typo, with no switch intended.
Robert Stout 9 months ago
I saw that too, then realized that the sale was back in November of 2013.  No biggie, it's worth $20.
krashnbrn More than 1 year ago
Hey TeeFury, how about honoring th 11 dollar posted price. Loyal customers not fond of the bait and switch.
chriskawagiwa More than 1 year ago
Sorry about that, a typo on my part.
Maryanne Hamill More than 1 year ago
Got this t-shirt for my husband. It's awesome!!! We loved all the little details that you put on it.
lexanddana More than 1 year ago
Would it really kill you to honour that $11 price you advertised this at earlier today TF? 24 hours would be fair...Thanks!
JenHorace More than 1 year ago
The link on the main page says this T is $11.  After clicking on the link I now see that it's $18.  Not cool, TF.  Not cool at all.
LVCarolyn More than 1 year ago
I would have ordered this tee, however, on the email alert the price states $11 for this shirt (this shirt is being highlighted and is not part of the "gallery" shirts) and when I click on it, the price changes to $18. Sorry, TeeFury, but that's too much of a sneaky price hike for me!
Lacerda1986 More than 1 year ago
Pretty awesome indeed. Would only be awesomer featuring Tasha, Zoe, Starbuck and Leya. Pretty please?