Moving Circus
by Teo Zed
Estimated Domestic delivery on Jul.13
Moving Circus
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Teo Zed
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xanadeshet 6 months ago
I would love it if this showed up in my grab bag!
Angelsane More than 1 year ago
This really needs to be a poster...
Sheldon Cohen More than 1 year ago
Shirt arrived today, and even though it was listed as a size 2XL, it more closely resembled a size Large. You need a sizing chart to avoid issues like this. $23 down the drain. Surely I'm not the only one who has been stung by sizing errors before...
animegirl92 More than 1 year ago
Thats weird... I order XLs and im usually a 2xl when I order and they fit fine. granted they are a little tight but they loosen up as time goes by. But if u dry them they tighten back up again! If you dont want them to re tighten do dry them! Hang them up to dry!
kmdice More than 1 year ago
I got this shirt in my mystery shirt package. I really like the design but am not familiar with the characters. Can someone tell me what they are from?  Thanks!
yeuannh More than 1 year ago
All Studio Ghibli films done by Miyazaki.

Top to Bottom, Left to Right
-Wolves from Princess Mononoke
-Totoro (and the other similar forest creatures) from My Neighbor Totoro
-Dragon (aka Haku) from Spirited Away
-Laputan Robot from Castle in the Sky
-No Face from Spirited Away
-Scarecrow from Howl's Moving Castle

Hope this helps! ^_^
Emily Emily More than 1 year ago
Kids sizes PLEASE!!!
Kerry Lynx More than 1 year ago
use a womans small