• Nigma Deathtraps
    Nigma Deathtraps
    Nigma Deathtraps

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    Nigma is probably my favorite part of the games and I wanted to create something built around his signature Trophy. My goal was to emphasize the question mark and build around it with a mix of his industrialism and manic-ness. Riddle me this! What letter of the alphabet can you wear?

    • glow_in_the_dark

    Nigma Deathtraps

    by everdream

  • Quinn of Diamonds - Suicide Deck
    Quinn of Diamonds - Suicide Deck

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    This is a classical Pin-up pose but I felt that I needed to convey a better image of who the character is. So I thought of making her part of a Playing Cards deck as the Queen of Diamonds. That pretty much nailed the composition as a whole.

    • artist_debut_badge

    Quinn of Diamonds - Suicide Deck

    by KimiSz

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shawndgn less than 1 minute ago
Im doing a first. A double insta-buy. Love, love, love both of the prints. BTW Jim Carrey was outstanding as the Riddler. However, the new layout is shway and all but I'm having display issues. Also, I can't find the button that adds the shirts to the favorites list. After the kinks are out we can start to get used to the new look.
Krushiell less than 1 minute ago
Side note, Quinn of Diamonds is awesome, VERY nicely done on both shirts today Kimisz and Everdream!

Krushiell less than 1 minute ago
Not a fan at all of the new layout... is the After Hours gone? If not how is it accessed?! So confused!

JCunning less than 1 minute ago
Hover over "the daily" and the After Hours will show up  
thrashingale less than 1 minute ago
Alternatively: http://www.teefury.com/afterhours/
tee*Stacks less than 1 minute ago
After hours is in the menu when you hover on "the daily". 
X Chris 1 hours ago
Awesome shirts. Have to decide on which one.

On the other hand, the new site design is awful. Do you actually pay people to research and think of these things? If so, you're being ripped off.
LadyPunkAss 1 hours ago
I just purchased the
Quinn of Diamonds - Suicide Deck :)
Robotika 2 hours ago
Hey! I was wondering if it would at all be possible to have a "view all comments" option when reading the comments on the shirts? Instead of loading a few at a time. 
Robotika 2 hours ago
Awesome designs! Well done to both Everdream and Kimisz! 
Both would rock as prints too. 

JonnyWonderland 2 hours ago
I miss the old shirt models. I didn't even think these were still shirts being sold when I first looked at them, and it doesn't give me a good idea of how the color of a shirt will look in comparison to the model mockup. 
Dustin Jones 2 hours ago
They are still there, just click the arrow next to each design
tee*Stacks 2 hours ago
The models are the same but the default image is of the design. Have to use the slider tho. I kinda like the humans as the first thing I see. 
tee*Stacks 2 hours ago
Teefury, well done today. Glow ink is a nice touch!
LeonSolfayer 2 hours ago
Ok, I LOVE the Quinn of Diamonds design! Though I don't know how I feel about the Suicide Squad movie yet (as I'm waiting to watch it to pass final judgement), the design is well done, and in my opinion true to the character of Harley Quinn.
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