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  • One of a Kind Unit
    One of a Kind Unit

    Tell us a bit about this design...


    I often wonder what these best bros would do on their days off. Sing songs and explore the stars together? I like to think so.

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    One of a Kind Unit

  • Stardate 1966
    Stardate 1966

    Stardate 1966

Raveynfyre 2 hours ago
"One of a Kind Unit" brings to mind a Frozen nod, as Christoph sings a song with those words to Sven (the reindeer) while strumming a guitar-like object.
StudyBudy 3 hours ago
If Stardate 1966 actually had that written on it it would be an instabuy.  Because Star Trek and the year I was born all in one go.  :-)
jammer2isme 7 hours ago
Stardate 1966 desperately needs to be on a Mission Patch design on the arm or right chest...
Charles Flowers 7 hours ago
I would get "One of a kind Unit" in Black, but there is no option for Color. :(
Skulltula less than 1 minute ago
There is now.
GMaybee 8 hours ago
Really like the design for Stardate 1966
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