After Hours - Your last chance to get yesterday's tee!
  • Making the Universe a Better Place
    Making the Universe a Better Place

    Tell us a bit about this design...


    The universe is a better place since the Doctor takes care...

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    Making the Universe a Better Place

  • Back for that Dance
    Back for that Dance

    Tell us a bit about this design...

    Karen Hallion

    Peggy and Steve finally get their dance with a little help from the Doctor. Inspired by and created for Matthew Eberle.

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    Back for that Dance

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NuriKiks 1 hours ago
i just want pokemon tees
ellehwho 1 hours ago
TEN & ROSE!!! Instabuy!!!
MRender 2 hours ago
I like the saqman design, but I really think they should have covered the dalek in roses ;)
SK1130 3 hours ago

It's October! Where are all the daily Halloween shirts? I know there's a variety in the gallery, but its not the same as the daily! ( I do love all the new designs)

jcrock3r 4 hours ago
There should be some Merlin shirts 
tortugaviejo 4 hours ago
People complaining about the people complaining about Doctor Who shirts aren't allowed to complain when there's a bunch of Marvel shirts being released on a weekly basis.
Nykidxxx 5 hours ago
I believe it is now a thing to call out a Doctor Who shirt.

TeeFury, I would like to suggest having a calendar everyday showing what fandom designs were shown for the last month. I love this site and I browse this site every single day with rare exceptions on final exam days. I see the amount of cool fandoms that were shown and I know from fact that there were barely any Doctor Who shirts in recent times. It would do good to show that as a promotion of your variety.
StudyBudy 5 hours ago
Even though I'm not a Whovian I have to say that both of these tee's are beautiful.  And as for the Dr Who reference killing the Cap design - gotta say, it's kinda the whole point of the design.  You know, stealing the police box and going back in time...  Seems kinda obvious that it wouldn't work without it.  Any way...
MRender 3 hours ago
To be fair, the design doesn't actually make much sense. There isn't anything in it to suggest the Captain stole the police box to go back, but none of the other crossover shirts make sense either. 
Why is Aurora dancing with the Dr's clothes? And how did he get into a fictional illustrated world in the first place??
jackalope82 5 hours ago
Wow the first shirt is so nice. I don't have any money to get it right now however.
Notthedoctor 6 hours ago
Love the cap design!
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