• Whole Lotta Puppet
    Whole Lotta Puppet

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    Animal is a 'Whole lotta' puppet who like bands with names related to electricity.

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    Whole Lotta Puppet

  • Ain't No Thang
    Ain't No Thang

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    This concept sprung from my love of taking the horrific/scary and twisting it with a little humor. The next time your sled dog (or coworker) starts mutating into something monstrous, don't worry, everything will be alright...Ain't no thang!

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    Ain't No Thang

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MRender 4 hours ago
Really like both designs. I love Animal, he is one of my favourite characters ever :) And the slightly twisted humour behind the Thang design is a great addition to the artists creepy jazz series.
jenvan17 4 hours ago
I like the Thing shirt, but why does he have to be smoking?
MRender 4 hours ago
Maybe for the same reason he has sunglasses and a Mohawk???!
tortugaviejo 3 hours ago
To bug the sissies that complain about smoking.
Zach_Fett 9 hours ago
So what exactly is the reference with Ain't No Thang? I mean, obviously it's a reference to John Carpenter's The THING, but what's the other reference?
MRender 4 hours ago
Read the artists explanation!
Rennfaire 9 hours ago
What is Ain't No Thing, supposed to be? I am so confused over that design. 
Igor Statistical 9 hours ago
it's 'the thing' - a movie from the early 80s
improvnerd 9 hours ago
I get what the artist was going for with that animal design, but it really doesn't work. The lightning bolt looks like an S. Just my opinion, but that's a poor design.
jenvan17 4 hours ago
I totally agree. It looks like an S.
Agawin 9 hours ago
Whole Lotta Puppet is bothering me. It looks like "Aniimal" or "Anismal".  The ACDC lightning bolt should be the "i".
Alex Scoppie 8 hours ago
Except that the lightning bolt in AC/DC is a /. 
JenG 10 hours ago
I ordered a shirt on 9/28...it's still not shipped, by time I get it the season will be over :(
Nykidxxx 10 hours ago
Wear to your Christmas party :D
atorins1 10 hours ago
If it is in by then... While I love the shirts on this site, they have potentially the worst customer service and fulfillment I have ever seen.
princebalf 10 hours ago
example??? or just wanted to be heard on the interweb??
Alex Scoppie 8 hours ago
Ordered at least half a dozen shirts from TF, they've all arrived safe and sound within a month. I live in England.
Isla 6 hours ago
Sorry but I think Teefury have great customer service. They've always answered my queries and I live in the UK my shirts have always arrived. When this site started doing reasonable shipping to thevUK it was a hallolugh moment. Go Teefury! 
princebalf 10 hours ago

7 "business" days to create the shirt, 7 "business days" to ship your order is still under the 14day create -ship-to your door. patience is a virtue
darkkari 9 hours ago
agreed and most of my shirts arrived early Ive only had one shirt arrive late and thats it

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