Today's Deal Ends In
Ultimate Evil
by zerobriant 
Estimated Domestic delivery on May.01
No Strings
by Adams Pinto 
Estimated Domestic delivery on May.01

Battle stats

Ultimate Evil
No Strings

Battle stats

Ultimate Evil
No Strings
  • Horror Skull Shoes

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  • Changing The Future Charitee

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clay7683 4 hours ago
If i thought this would be mailed to me before next weekend I'd buy one.  But since i doubt it would arrive by opening weekend I'm afraid I'll have to pass. If this had been available earlier, like last week, I'd probably buy both.

C00kieAddict 3 hours ago
It took 8 days for my shirt to ship to my house. If you really like the shirt(s), you should still buy it, you have 11 days until May 1, the premiere. Good luck!
Barb Morey 7 hours ago
My first thought was Saren from mass effect. It lasted for like .5 seconds but man was that an exciting half second.
nikeeweston 11 hours ago
Is that general Grevious? I am lost with the no strings thing. Sorry. 
Jayson Hilliard 11 hours ago
Ultron from the new Avengers movie.  He makes a reference about having no strings to control him.  The first trailer also had this haunting "I got no strings" song from Pinocchio.  I suggest you drop whatever you are doing and ingest the greatness that is The Avengers.
Angie Austin 11 hours ago
I don't understand the strings reference.... please, someone explain it to me!!!  Feeling dumb here!!
[email protected] 11 hours ago

The Villain, Ultron that is premiering in the new MarvelAvengers movie is an A.I that quotes Disney Pinocchio’s song, “No string on me,”as he is free to make his own decisions. 

Angie Austin 10 hours ago
Oh my... how did I miss that trailer????  Situation rectified!!!!  Thanks Randy and Brian- Avengers Fan group..... ASSEMBLE!!!!!!
Brian Vuich 11 hours ago
It's a reference from one of the trailers for age of ultron. In the movie at some point ultron says something to the effect of "there are no strings on me."
brave91 12 hours ago
Will there ever be any white shirts.  It's the summer and I can't always wear black
keltos 11 hours ago
well, for me here it's winter. lol.
Woodsling 13 hours ago
AARGH! ... I would've bought both if there were some colors to pick from. I have way too many blacks and blues. 

*Sobs sitting in a corner*
Ambyr Hickman 3 hours ago
I have the same problem! So I get brighter colored ones elsewhere if I can XD I do have to say, this site has a lot of designs I really like. Lots of Studio Ghibli and A:TLA and stuff like that. It's super cool to see how people can get. 
Woodsling 3 hours ago
Luckily there  are, as you say, other places. Sadly these two aren't available there....  *sobs some more*

Hmm, maybe I need to comfortshop something colorful elsewhere... Hehe.  :-D
waltsworld 15 hours ago
Ultimate Evil should be clear winner for anyone over 10 years of age.
Saekochan 13 hours ago
It is gorgeous, but the possibility for a lighter shirt makes No Strings win for me. Also, both designs are awesome, so please don't put someone else down for choosing what you consider a 'younger' design. No Strings is actually REALLY adult and creepy if you think about it - his face is scary and there's broken Avengers armor everywhere.
Ambyr Hickman 3 hours ago
Certainly creepy design. It's kinda deep though, from what that trailer showed us any who. 
We just bought ours for the slight chance that they'd arrive in time. If not, they'll be amazing anyways!
Thank you for your comment, it was nice to read it. 
AniDragon 16 hours ago
Love the Ultimate Evil shirt, but you guys's shipping tends to be really slow. Unlikely it'll get to Canada by the premiere. Maybe next time consider releasing big movie shirts like this earlier in advance?
Dahdi 17 hours ago
I would buy this in a heartbeat if I knew this would actually get to me on time. 
ronfy 18 hours ago
Aww, my premiere is on Wednesday/Thursday AM, i am doing the 3d triple bill (Avengers/Winter Soldier/Ultron). I would of loved either of these for then, but as a UK person, it would never get here in time.