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Today's Deal Ends In
True Heroes Never Die
by StudioM6 
Estimated Domestic delivery on May.08
The Brother
by Naolito 
Estimated Domestic delivery on May.08

Battle stats

True Heroes Never Die
The Brother

Battle stats

True Heroes Never Die
The Brother
  • No Roads Shoes

  • Epic Hylian

  • WonderBomb

  • Moon Wands

  • Best of 2011

  • Time Travelers Club

  • Part of your world

  • april

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cheese4g 2 hours ago
And after months of fasting, Teefury has broken my will with that awesome Brother shirt. Part of me is thankful they don't have more than one shirt from the new Daredevil series on Netflix, otherwise I would need to take out a loan.
Anonymous 2 hours ago
This is killing me. I adore that Zelda shirt and need it in my life, except - the Master Sword! Is that some version of it I'm not familiar with it? When are the "wings" of the crossguard ever pointing that way? I can't imagine the artist just made that big of a mistake; can someone explain?
thrashingale less than 1 minute ago
Same, I'm not sure if it's simply the artist's style, or if this is mashed with something, or what... any insight would be great! Until then, gonna have to sleep on it.
ThunderX 3 hours ago
I desperately need an A Link to the Past shirt. T_T
KingBigNose 4 hours ago
i already have to many zelda shirts but i think i need this one
CoDizzleSkizzle 4 hours ago
Brother. For the win. Clever idea. Tempting my broke @$$
cptnfunbags 2 hours ago
Right? Zelda shirt, admittedly a nice design, is still just another Zelda shirt.