• The Buster Sword in the Stone
    The Buster Sword in the Stone

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    The Buster in the Sword!

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    The Buster Sword in the Stone

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Raziel77 less than 1 minute ago
That FF7 artwork was a insta-buy for me!!!
leakingpan 3 hours ago
Love that FF7 artwork! If only it was in black...
TeeFury Staff 1 hours ago
Hey @leakingpan - Our art team chooses the colors that will work best with the design artwork. A black tee would cause some of the details to get lost :(
damo.calrissian 7 hours ago
I've been waiting for my favorite shirt site to release a shirt from my favorite game. It's like finding a good woman who can cook and cosplay... *sigh*
Kallianira 6 hours ago
I can do both, but am already taken. :) We are out there. Don't give up!
konuvis 2 hours ago
FYI they released another FF VII shirt a few months ago.
FuzzyLogic 9 hours ago
Beautiful FF7 artwork!
TeeFury Staff 3 hours ago
We couldn't agree more!
Dana Grooms 11 hours ago
mandyatlarge 4 hours ago
Lacostzilla... just not the same..
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