• Delivery Service
    Delivery Service

    Tell us a bit about this design...


    A stylistic logo and branding for everyone's favourite delivery service.

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    Delivery Service

    by owlhaus

  • HEY! LISTEN! I'm Not Tink!
    HEY! LISTEN! I'm Not Tink!

    Tell us a bit about this design...


    ... because I always thought that Tinkerbell and Navi are so "similar", so.. why not?

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    HEY! LISTEN! I'm Not Tink!

    by MortinfamiART

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snoopy65 less than 1 minute ago
New site a fine. A little buggy in terms of Ui especially on iPhone. Easy to hit the wrong thing. 
But please, PLEASE, bring Back the leaderboard for the days with two shirts. 
I am always fascinated to find out which is the more popular design. 
Ghostred 1 hours ago
I'm not used to complain, but... Still hate it!
Django1Chain 1 hours ago
I dont know what you guys are talking about, the new site looks great, especially on my tablet
Elhuero 1 hours ago
I like the new design.
mwatk00m 3 hours ago
People inherently dont like change, I didnt like it last time they changed the site but then....I got use to it!! ~ Just give it a few days before you decide.
tetsumi101 3 hours ago
ONLY thing I don't like is that I can't tell which shirt is winning :(
doubi 3 hours ago
sorry but the new site is horrible.  24" widescreen and i can only see 4 comments at once and just seems to be a pile of wasted space on the screen.  prefer the default pic to be the design on a shirt as well vs having to click to see. looks like it was designed for a 4:3 monitor as when i reduce the window size it looks better.  in full screen mode today i get an odd bit of cloud in the middle of the pics that is leaking from the next picture....just looks odd.
klaatu barada nikto 4 hours ago
Could the artist (or anyone) please tell me what the "Asian Text" at the top of the shirt "Delivery Service" says, and perhaps which local dialect (language) the text is from ?

(I know I'm opening this up to comical responses, yet I seek the truth, lol)

Thank you in advance
Paul Baisarowicz less than 1 minute ago
Witch delivery - it's in Japanese
benjover 4 hours ago
OMG! The shadow of Link is going to kill Wendy!
Cody 4 hours ago
Huh. My first thought when I loaded up the new page was that my browser didn't load the page properly. Not really a big fan of the new design, everything just feels really cramped.
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