• May 25th, 1977
    May 25th, 1977

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    I wanted to celebrate the original release with a retro design of my two favorite space ships.

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    May 25th, 1977

  • Rocket Lord
    Rocket Lord

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    Equipped with a jet pack and Quad Blaster everyone has heard of the Legendary Outlaw Rocket Lord. Right? You mean you haven't?!?!?!! C'mon man!

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    Rocket Lord

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damienspapa 3 hours ago
77 is an unstably for me...  my favorite movie and my birth year!!
TeeFury Staff 3 hours ago
This tee was MEANT for you!!
mscannibal 2 hours ago
Me too! And I only buy black t-shirts, so no complaints about the colour. MINES!
TeeFury Staff 1 hours ago
Did you guys just become best friends?!
boogityboy 3 hours ago
DAMMIT teefury, again with the the brown/blue/black! I would have bought the 77 in any other color BUT those three.   
TeeFury Staff 3 hours ago
This bums us out :(
boogityboy 2 hours ago
I'm sorry but there's been at least SIX shirts in the last two months alone  that were "insta-buy" by design, but I passed because I already have too many in these 3 colors (charcoal is a repeat-offender as well) filling my closet from this site. Why not white, off-white, red or any other colors. Men wear those too. it would have even been fitting as it's the colors of the ships included. 
boogityboy 2 hours ago
The rocket Lord shirt is available in Silver.., so you do have them in stock. Add silver to the 77 and I'll buy one right now.
Charlie Walsh 4 hours ago
TeeFury Staff 3 hours ago
Love the enthusiasm!!
meyershl 4 hours ago
my save10 coupon won't work....:( 
TeeFury Staff 4 hours ago
Were you using it on a Daily Tee? Sadly, it doesn't work for those :(
meyershl 3 hours ago
no, the mini IT crowd shirt- it seemed to work until I went to Paypal and then I noticed my total was full price- It did work initially but I couldn't complete the transaction...now if I put it in again it won't accept it......
Dingus 5 hours ago
in 77 two great things were brought to life... Star Wars and me!

Great retro design, had to go with brown. Even tho I don't care for brown, it's too classic.
TeeFury Staff 4 hours ago
It was a good year!
emozolik 5 hours ago
love em both! going to Disney World in a few days... will be buying one of each to wear while there. 
TeeFury Staff 4 hours ago
You're going to be the tee envy of Disney World!
Rachel Candler 5 hours ago
I can honestly say... I actually LOVE that Rocketter/Guardians shirt. I really, really do.
TeeFury Staff 4 hours ago
Glad to hear that, Rachel!
jman5544 5 hours ago
Its Rocketeer and Starlord from Guardians of the Galaxy
kbullock 5 hours ago
Rocketeer and who else?  Not getting the complete mash-up...
Mike Parejo 4 hours ago
Starlord can't get no respect...
ewd2002 7 hours ago
Mash ups is where it's at people! Love the design, wish there were more shirt color options. So many dark shirts already, bring on the fun colors. And a big thank you to JPCOOVERT for being and artist and designer. (The artists probably don't get enough love in comments, do they?)
TeeFury Staff 4 hours ago
No they don't! So we especially appreciate yours! :)
DarkRose70 less than 1 minute ago
Agreed. I have enough darker coloured tees in my wardrobe. Would love a few bright colour choices or even white.
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