Today's Deal Ends In
Speak Friend and Enter
by ddjvigo 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Feb.06
Halfling and Wizard
by Cooljohnny 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Feb.06

Battle stats

Speak Friend and Enter
Halfling and Wizard

Battle stats

Speak Friend and Enter
Halfling and Wizard
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momandkp less than 1 minute ago
Speak Friend and Enter - This is greatness!
Threemoons 1 hours ago
ZOMG Speak Friend and Enter---I want this as a glow-in-the-dark poster as well, pretty please!!
rats 2 hours ago
Congrats to the artists, lovely designs!  I wish the enlarged version of the shirts would come up in the color I select, though -- they only come up in the default color, and I would've liked to see how much of a difference navy vs. black would be.  I guess for glow-in-the-dark it doesn't really matter :-)
JenRabuchin 2 hours ago
Still reeling from the holiday shopping frenzy, I swore not to buy any T's for at least 3 months no matter how awesome they were.  "Speak Friend" is just too beautiful to let pass by.  Am getting them for all the LOTR fanciers in my family/friends circle <3

Rory Dunn 3 hours ago
Although I don't really LOTR, these tees are pretty good. Kudos to both artists :)
gwenefar 4 hours ago
Speak Friend and Enter is amazing.  I love that it glows!
migsmom 4 hours ago
I am so broke…:)  However, "Speak friend and enter" may find its way to my closet
Zeppelin94 6 hours ago
So tempted to get that 'Speak friend and enter' design- great use of glow in the dark and a brilliant design.
puerdemon 5 hours ago
I know that feeling, tempted, but is it gonna be worth it?
crypticpain 8 hours ago
Instant Buy for Tolkien + Glow In the Dark Ink + Amazing design.
dannydloopy 10 hours ago
Offer tanktops.