• Reyders of the Lost Droids
    Reyders of the Lost Droids

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    A collaboration with illustrator Karen Hallion. What happens when a new generation of heroes discovers a hidden relic in the form of a loveable little droid?

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    Reyders of the Lost Droids

  • Join The Fight
    Join The Fight

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    The final battle is coming, will you join the fight?

    Join The Fight

JussMess 4 hours ago
Got an order yesterday to find 1 shirt wrong design, size and gender!? Can someone please look into this asap please? ZXI-97645 Thank you!
arrrivista 5 hours ago
Am I the only one having trouble logging into my account? Would like to know the status of my (now very late) order and can't:(
divafrenchie 6 hours ago
Hey! My credit card was double-charged last week, I've had a ticket in for this but still no reply.  What's going on?
TeeFury Staff 5 hours ago
Hey divefrenchie - our team will be in touch right away!
divafrenchie 5 hours ago
Thanks so much! Can't wait for my sweaters to get here!
tailz 11 hours ago
"Join the Flight" is just gorgeous!
ManuelDA 9 hours ago
Thank you!!!
Seth Stallings 7 hours ago
Always love your designs!!! Please bring some of your Harry Potter ones to TeeFury too!!!
ManuelDA 5 hours ago
Hi, thank you so much!
I have something, let's see what Teefury thinks about it! :)
tortugaviejo 13 hours ago
I'm not buying a single SW shirt unless I KNOW the character is cool. She could be the new Padme for all we know.
Stuart Hodgetts 19 hours ago
Wow - is that Michael Jackson in Reyders?
The_Teapot 19 hours ago
No. That's ignorant.
Don't be ignorant.
Alex Scoppie 17 hours ago
Ignorant, but funny.

Irulehyrule 9 hours ago
No. That's mean.
Don't be mean.
white_rabbit 18 hours ago
It is Rey from Star Wars VII
Stuart Hodgetts 15 hours ago
Yes, thank you white Rabbit, I know its Rey from SW7, and Teapot - I was merely commenting on how much this Rey appears to look very similar to MJ.  Nothing to do with ignorance whatsoever.

Diego6 15 hours ago
I don't think the "ignorance" stuff was meant as an insult, I think it's a South Park reference about Michael Jackson :)
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