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Cat-At Loves Yarn!
by Obvian 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Apr.11
The Force Side
by mikehandyart 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Apr.11

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Cat-At Loves Yarn!
The Force Side

Battle stats

Cat-At Loves Yarn!
The Force Side
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JTH less than 1 minute ago
Wow. If ever there was a design that absolutely needed to be printed on a white shirt, it was BOTH OF THESE.

Alas, white is not an option for either. Nice April fools day gag, TeeFury. Well played. 
Kunoichi Fox 5 hours ago
Will they ever do a power rangers, and there are very seldom any Adventure time shirts either I think there is only 2, Finndiana Jones and Sons of the Lich, either someone be the first Power Rangers shirt or someone make another adventure time.
sheriffnick 4 hours ago
They have done plenty of power rangers shirts over time and there will be plenty more to come im sure.
tlburrill 5 hours ago
Far Side!!! AWESOME!!!!
Kenny The Boss 7 hours ago
Are you people ever going to make any the walking dead shirts?
iluvrsmith 6 hours ago
I have three of them from here and more I have passed up. They pop up from time to time. Luckily not too often BC I have bills to pay.
tlburrill 6 hours ago
check the gallery, there might be some past ones in there. They've had a few that I've seen 
Rhase 1 hours ago
There was a michonne shirt a while back I was almost tempted to buy, but the art wasn't QUITE for me. They'd have to be comic-related to even interest me, personally, though. I can't stand the show, or its OCs. (And many of the walking dead shirts teefury does features boondock saints guy). But hey maybe that's what you're looking for. Keep your eyes peeled, they do happen.
catfriedrice 7 hours ago
They're probably april fools jokes and don't exist anyway...
Christopher Carroll 8 hours ago
Brilliant! Both of them are incredibly creative. Too bad Ive decided 30 shirts is enough. lol 
MrFill 6 hours ago
only 30? I have something like 60 (at last count), and I'm still buying :)
Rhase less than 1 minute ago
haha, yeah I have 7 and it's too many. I just don't wear teeshirts. I really like the art sometimes, though.
laceygirl 8 hours ago
None for me today....
stgilman10 9 hours ago
Very seriously considering getting The Force Side. The Floating Head of Death is the Death Star!

Is that a moon? [Knocks three times] ......that's no moon.
crazylegsk 9 hours ago
Oh my... A Far Side/ Star Wars shirt??!! Bravo Tee Fury! Bravo
iluvrsmith 6 hours ago
I know Gary Larson is always a win