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Stylin' Selina
by pscullin 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Sep.07
Public Trans-purrr-tation
by monitosbonitos 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Sep.07

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Stylin' Selina
Public Trans-purrr-tation

Battle stats

Stylin' Selina
Public Trans-purrr-tation
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robbiewilkes 10 hours ago
Love the Nagel style of the Catwoman.
JebbyRae 11 hours ago
Why does catbus have 5 legs tho...
jackalope82 7 hours ago
It should be 5 legs, but 5 on each side. If you look at pictures of him you can see he has 5, 10 total. However some pictures show him with 6 legs on each side. So its hard to tell. I agree with you.. its weird.
thrashingale 6 hours ago
Eh, who cares? Even without tons of legs the design is still pretty adorable. 
Catbus is always fun to see. Sit back and enjoy what different artists have to share with you.
Liyaa 13 hours ago
I love Studio Ghibli films, and My Neighbor Totoro has been a favorite for the better part of 20 years, but this Catbus just doesn't do it for me. The style, the color, and the odd number of legs just makes me feel awkward.
jackalope82 17 hours ago
Catbus is so cute, but why is he grey? Catbus isn't grey.
سامبسون ماثيو 19 hours ago
Had an idea ;-) .  Ornge with yellow refletor t shirt, " Service Animal."
Mayshus 19 hours ago
Teefury, you do an outstanding job with the artists and designs on all your merch.  But I can't buy leggings or skirts because I'm a dude. But I will wear ties. *Hint hint*
Pacmander 17 hours ago
I second your motion!!!!!!!!
Spazamataz 16 hours ago
Zen_Ronin 16 hours ago
I have to wear ties for work, and have been looking for a great place to buy nerd/pop culture ties. Please make this happen!? 
Isla 15 hours ago
I'm a girl and I would also LOVE for this to happen :'D ties and bowties!
Chrissy Knight 14 hours ago
I wear suspenders at work, and would love to see teefury branch out a bit! Bow-ties, neckties and such are more my style than leggings, even though I'm a girl.
chriskTF 5 hours ago
There was a very limited collection last winter-- keep your eyes peeled to see they might make a reappearance and for new canvases for art!
InsaneStrawb 4 hours ago
There'll be another collection in late November. It's small business day/week so they'll bring it out and will probably have many more different items. If you ask on TeeFury, you usually get :)
Kurt Petersons 19 hours ago
Who's the first shirt. 
Rawk 19 hours ago
Selina Kyle is Catwoman's real name. 
Rawk 19 hours ago
At first glance I thought it was Josey And The P---y Cats done in the style of Pat Nagel. (I'm really tired). But it's not. 
pscullin 20 hours ago
Thank you for featuring my shirt today. I am sooooo honored.
rbartlewski 19 hours ago
I love it! Patrick Nagel is so awesome! 
Christa Jennings 9 hours ago
Thank you for designing it!!  I love the artwork and am elated that a Catwoman shirt is available!! They so seldom seem to pop up.  Now my biggest decision for the day -- black or charcoal?  It's a definite buy!