• Whole Lotta Puppet
    Whole Lotta Puppet

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    Animal is a 'Whole lotta' puppet who like bands with names related to electricity.

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    Whole Lotta Puppet

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    Ain't No Thang
    Ain't No Thang

    Tell us a bit about this design...


    This concept sprung from my love of taking the horrific/scary and twisting it with a little humor. The next time your sled dog (or coworker) starts mutating into something monstrous, don't worry, everything will be alright...Ain't no thang!

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    Ain't No Thang

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Bootsie Kidd 5 hours ago
•°•☆•°• MORE HORROR TEES, PLEASE •°•☆•°• 

Dig The Thing tee!
TeeFury Staff 4 hours ago
Keep an eye out - we'll be releasing more all month long!
MRender 14 hours ago
Really like both designs. I love Animal, he is one of my favourite characters ever :) And the slightly twisted humour behind the Thang design is a great addition to the artists creepy jazz series.
TeeFury Staff 7 hours ago
Glad you're digging them!
jenvan17 14 hours ago
I like the Thing shirt, but why does he have to be smoking?
MRender 14 hours ago
Maybe for the same reason he has sunglasses and a Mohawk???!
tortugaviejo 13 hours ago
To bug the sissies that complain about smoking.
Zach_Fett 18 hours ago
So what exactly is the reference with Ain't No Thang? I mean, obviously it's a reference to John Carpenter's The THING, but what's the other reference?
MRender 14 hours ago
Read the artists explanation!
Rennfaire 18 hours ago
What is Ain't No Thing, supposed to be? I am so confused over that design. 
Igor Statistical 18 hours ago
it's 'the thing' - a movie from the early 80s
improvnerd 19 hours ago
I get what the artist was going for with that animal design, but it really doesn't work. The lightning bolt looks like an S. Just my opinion, but that's a poor design.
jenvan17 14 hours ago
I totally agree. It looks like an S.
TeeFury Staff 4 hours ago
It's meant to mimic the "AC/DC" logo where the lightning bolt acts as a slash mark to divide the word in half :)
improvnerd 3 hours ago
Oh I know. As soon as I realized it wasn't an S, I got it. I think I even said in my comment that I understood what the artist was going for. It's just, in my opinion, a poor design. It is ill-conceived.
Agawin 19 hours ago
Whole Lotta Puppet is bothering me. It looks like "Aniimal" or "Anismal".  The ACDC lightning bolt should be the "i".
Alex Scoppie 18 hours ago
Except that the lightning bolt in AC/DC is a /. 
JenG 19 hours ago
I ordered a shirt on 9/28...it's still not shipped, by time I get it the season will be over :(
Nykidxxx 19 hours ago
Wear to your Christmas party :D
atorins1 19 hours ago
If it is in by then... While I love the shirts on this site, they have potentially the worst customer service and fulfillment I have ever seen.
princebalf 19 hours ago
example??? or just wanted to be heard on the interweb??
Alex Scoppie 18 hours ago
Ordered at least half a dozen shirts from TF, they've all arrived safe and sound within a month. I live in England.
Isla 16 hours ago
Sorry but I think Teefury have great customer service. They've always answered my queries and I live in the UK my shirts have always arrived. When this site started doing reasonable shipping to thevUK it was a hallolugh moment. Go Teefury! 
princebalf 19 hours ago

7 "business" days to create the shirt, 7 "business days" to ship your order is still under the 14day create -ship-to your door. patience is a virtue
darkkari 18 hours ago
agreed and most of my shirts arrived early Ive only had one shirt arrive late and thats it

JenG 5 hours ago
It has been more than 14 days now, that is why I posted
TeeFury Staff 7 hours ago
Hi JenG! Do you happen to have your order number so we can look into this for you??
JenG 5 hours ago

Order #: 103968280

TeeFury Staff 4 hours ago
We took a look and your order has been printed and packaged as of 10/9! If you would like to keep in touch with someone from our team directly, you're welcome to open a support ticket! :)
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