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One Nation
by CoD Designs 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Mar.12
by Jaime Margary 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Mar.12

Battle stats

One Nation

Battle stats

One Nation
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Stiler 1 hours ago
2015? Umm, the election is 2016...I would have so bought the shirt if it was the correct date.

What is with shirts on here lately having such a glaring issue with getting the things right?

Last week I REALLY wanted that Full Metal Alchemist shirt but it had the wrong arm with his automail and it stopped me from getting it, and now this one.

I wish teefury/the artist could "fix" these issues before it goes to print.
TeeFury Staff less than 1 minute ago
Hi, Stiler -- The shirt isn't an election shirt, just revolving around his time as President, so the 2015 date is correct.
WalkOnAgain less than 1 minute ago
Everyone thinking it's a campaign shirt and being confused with the year probably means that part should have been more thought through.  Love House of Cards. Love Francis.  Don't love the confusion.  Would be outstanding otherwise.  
WalkOnAgain 2 hours ago
FIX THE YEAR and I'm sold.  
Leadfoot 7 hours ago
I don't quite like these designs, but having HoC shirts is an excellent idea. Keep 'em coming!
flormcubed 13 hours ago
@EdBatters, it seems the design is not meant to be a campaign shirt but shows the fact that he is already 46th president of the good old  USofA. Although I do agree it would be better if it was looking forward to the 2016 election instead
Dave Ellis 13 hours ago
Please fix the date and I will buy in a heart beat!
EdBattes 14 hours ago
The Campaign one should say 2016, as he is already president in 2015. 
Bill Fret 14 hours ago
I think all pass, cool shirts though