Today's Deal Ends In
Dear God Please Save Our Forest
by biggers 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Aug.08
Leaving Rapture
by kharmazero 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Aug.08

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Dear God Please Save Our Forest
Leaving Rapture

Battle stats

Dear God Please Save Our Forest
Leaving Rapture
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Amanda Groenwold 2 hours ago
I never played bioshock, but that design is so pretty it's hard not to give in.
TeressaM 2 hours ago
It's not Bioshock... It's the Tree Spirit from the movie Princess Mononoke
anvilone 2 hours ago
The second one is BioShock.
Lucifuge84 less than 1 minute ago
lol, you know there are 2 designs, right?
Miabell 3 hours ago
Princess Mononoke. ~Throws more money at Teefury.~ ^_^;; Going to be broke soon if you keep giving me what I want!
TeeFury Staff 2 hours ago
We don't want you to be broke, but we do want you to be happy!
koshernostra 4 hours ago
I ordered a shirt over two weeks ago and I haven't even gotten any shipping confirmations yet. This is unusually slow for TeeFury. I usually get my purchases within that timeframe. I'm a bit anxious. 
TeeFury Staff 2 hours ago
Hey koshernostra! We are very sorry for the delay of your order! It looks like you ordered "Hairy Baby Daycare Center". Those tees were a bit delayed in coming in from the printer so we just began shipping them. You should receive a shipping confirmation email very soon! We have refunded your shipping costs for the delay.
koshernostra 2 hours ago
Thanks TeeFury! That's so awesome of you! It's this kind of customer service that keeps me coming back! 
mac3kuby 4 hours ago
a Rick and Morty shirt is needed
TeeFury Staff 2 hours ago
Tell your favorite artist!
JanderVK 5 hours ago
Would get the Bioshock one if it came in black. The Princess Mononoke is pretty great. 
kharmazero 5 hours ago
thanks a lot for the warm welcoming guys!!!!!!
thrillxseeker 5 hours ago
Ah, screw it. I'll buy this tee so you'll know they sell well and give us even more! A little more love for Columbia would be nice though. Some Rock or Wrestling mash-up designs would be appreciated as well!
charles_r_cox 5 hours ago
I have never played Bioshock (not much of a gamer), but I think Leaving Rapture and I'll Always Protect You have been two of my favorite designs. Kharmazero you did great on Leaving Rapture; design is amazing. 
wallix 6 hours ago
Wow - Rapture shirt is gorgeous. This will end my 4 month Tee Fury void! 
TeeFury Staff 2 hours ago
Welcome Back! You were missed!
thrillxseeker 6 hours ago
Love BioShock, thanks for having one! However, that's a design I'd rather have as a poster than on a shirt. For a shirt, how about a sign / ad for Rapture or Columbia or one of their fictional products (posters in-game)? That'd be cool!