Today's Deal Ends In
Colourful Mind
by paulagarcia 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Aug.08
Rocket Raccoon-a-teer
by ninjaink 
Estimated Domestic delivery on Aug.08

Battle stats

Colourful Mind
Rocket Raccoon-a-teer

Battle stats

Colourful Mind
Rocket Raccoon-a-teer
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pumpkinpoptartking less than 1 minute ago
Great choices today! Hey Teefury, whatever happened to that Sunday "80s T-Shirt" Giveaway Contest? You guys were going to announce the "winners" on Monday??? :) (I already bought one in Black MM but would LOVE to rock the RED one too! :) Thanks guys!
Speedr8cer 2 hours ago
question is, how does that helmet fit on its head o.O~?
Resenwuh 3 hours ago
Rock-a-teer Racoon
ekiechi 7 hours ago
Rockateer Raccon. Missed opportunity in the naming of that shirt

iluvrsmith 7 hours ago
Rocket as the Rocketeer?  Genius!!!!!
gamestacker 7 hours ago
If burning your feet off is genius, well then I don't know what else is!
Peachiko 9 hours ago
Oh god, which one, which one!? D:< 
714Star 9 hours ago
All of the above :D
TeeFury Staff 8 hours ago
We like your answer 714star!
Derrick Dean 11 hours ago
Are these shirts 100% cotton, or Polyester and cotton?
Claire-Muriel Maslen 11 hours ago
Cotton as on their FQA. They are really good. 
TeeFury Staff 8 hours ago
rainyday13 11 hours ago
I just saw "Inside Out" for the first time last night and nearly cried at least three times. Great design. 
TeeFury Staff 8 hours ago
Yes, it really tugs at your emotions. ;)
freddyg3 11 hours ago
Rocket shirt is one of the coolest things I have ever laid eyes on. Really nice.
TeeFury Staff 8 hours ago
Whoa! That's a big statement! Glad you stopped by today! Which color did you go with?
freddyg3 8 hours ago
Had to go grey/charcoal for the more "vintage" feel! (though chocolate was more of the Rocketeer, the grey pops the sky.)
amazon284 12 hours ago
OMG Rocket-eer is awesome!